Thursday, November 11, 2010

My week

HELLO HELLO HELLO im back !!!! this week has been awesome...but eventhough its after exams, kinda stressful. A LOT IN MY MIND!!!

1.I'm gonna miss form 1. i don't wanna go form 2 but i wana go form2.....juniors
2.I'm one year closer to death :(    CHOiiii!!!!
3.youth camp worship practice to go to to give some ideas for my dg in raising money as homework
5.this sunday i got a kids camp helper's briefing
6.this monday,OPEN DAY...>.<
7.first basketball practice for form 1's on wed night 8 to 10pm
8.first december,going outing with my super duper awesome completing my life class 1 Mawar !!!!!
9.youth camp 10 dec 11 to 14 state camp dec 15 to19

omgosh so many things arghhhhhh...i won't cut myself
but still,school is fun if you know how to enjoy

congrats form 1 guys for winning that bball competition you dreamt of
-javier liew,phua eu jin,joshua chong (haha from mawar. my class guys are hot and good basketball players...don't worry javier i know your taken)
-chang rong,brian tan,jian wei,jia ming

congrats to those new prefects..form 1's
JOY LAM ERN HUI-you may be ketua pengawas but i can still bully u in church and tuition MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

so people....kimberly yong,joshua chong,andrea kong,aizat,cassandra people have been talking to me about jaeson ma. he's that american chinese christian rapper..cass,he knows one of the snsd girls. joshua,hissong "love" is soo nice . kim,i met him in dumc for some 1040 window thingy he organized .

he's on my profile pic beside me!!!

my com lagging so i can't show u a video..go youtube and type "love by jaeson ma"
and "thank you by MC jin feat jaeson ma and corrina (with subtitles)"very nice wan the song

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

smile :DDD its a happy day

Hello world !!! random title means random post...lets do some equation

jasmine + "smile :DDD its a happy day" + post xy = random
jasmile :DDD iappay +post xy                                  = random
                                                                        post xy = random divided by xy

and the answer is I DON'T CARE CAUSE EXAMS ARE FREAKING OVER !!!!!! I throw my homework in the air sometimes sayin ehhhhyoh baby let go..i wanna sports car.

my buddy Wesley Wong has this fasting from fasting , fasting ?
my answer : YES awesome class is so awesomely awesoming awesome...
this two guys in my class Javier Liew and Phua Eu Jin,they're funny....

high school has been treating me well...i'm scared

can't wait for that..super excited except the fact of waking up early :'(
my friend Joy Lam,everyone thinks we're besties but we're NOT
she's excited also and im helping out in worship for singing lalalalalala ms.lam is my worship leader :D thumbs up..
Joy,if you're reading this.................good luck during practice :D you'll need it cause i'm gonna be there !!!!
i like to kacau her.. XD

continuing , normally i go to camps with her and i ask her to wake me up .so she does and i get really angry cause she wakes me up and she said she's scared cause she has never seen me this angry.
the place for youth camp is the place i went for CF CAMP !! woo DUCF !! is El Sanctuary !
let me describe,its a long way up to your chalets
             you should try eating mr.potato's seaweed flavoured chips n smell it
                          the place will kinda smell the same when you're walking up the hill
 animal company :  there are 4 dogs and lots of mosquitoes + dead ants under  you're pillow
food's really good..better than my mom's chicken chop, grilled prawn and pork ribs

HAVE A NICE LIFE !!!! ciao :D

Saturday, October 30, 2010


In my blog, watermelon means sad lah cannot go church last tuition :'(
anyways just finished exams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooo!!!!
stupid blog...i cant post any pics and all the pics i take is from my phone -.-"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Captain Ball

 I realize I don't put pictures on my anyways,i woke up at 7 dg(Levi) leader rosie,she texted us to go at 9.45 to set up the place since our dg was in charge.Captain ball starts at 10.00

then we started to play at about 10.30 and the field wasn't i played and sweated.veryyyyy tiring and oon yow was the referree.After sweating so much,oon yow said "okay that was the warm up round" =.=.........guess how that felt like..

after that,i went for tuition at 2pm.i used my "teacher's" phone and gave my dear friend Kimberly Yong a random call.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This blog is starting to bug me....
yesterday,i wanted to post something long.suddenly,the page closed -.-"
Today I wanted create A chatbox.only 1.they created like 10 for i deleted that hard work of the colours and everything that was soooo nice.Feeling sleepy right now.....
maybe study some sejarah and go to sleep...nitez !!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today i had an INJECTION i know i know when most girls hear this word it goes like ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!but I don't get it..whats the big deal?woooooo so scary.well,i learned my lesson :( .I had this cervix cancer injection thingy and you have to take it three times.This is my second,my first was pain cause terlalu takut..everybody say pain.But today my friends said it would be more painful than the last one so in my mind,i was like God God God pls pls pls help me ahhhh...nvm relax i was the first to get the injection cause i want to see my classmates face when they got the jab.

Then,i realized................THIS JAB IS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just like me =DDDDDD